Weekly Wrap up: What a way to celebrate Independence and independence

by Ella Bernadette

It’s my first post for the weekly wrap up.The Weekly Wrap Up is just simple as collecting lessons or relevant insights that I gained throughout the week.

1. MONDAY – Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate! Monday is really a day to start the work week. However, it is also the day where you finish or at least attempt to finish tasks left on Fridays. Thus, Monday really is the a day where you should put your best foot forward and more importantly, you should go in early – and I meant, not on time. But be ahead of time.

“If you arrive on time, don’t even brag about it.” – JHG.

2. Welcome surprises. Don’t let it stress you out. You know your job description, yet there will always be some tasks that would just knock your senses out not because you cannot do it, but because you know you have a thousand things to do and you want to complete them.

But hey, think twice before you drag yourself out of the room. Breathe. It is a good thing to realize that such surprise tasks might win your bosses affirmation that you really can exceed his/her expectations.

Just do it.” – Nike

3. Being a newbie doesn’t mean you have to keep your mouth shut. Speak your mind. You can be right, you can be wrong. But it is always a learning process. It is the impression that you want to contribute solution to the problem – which you should as part of the stakeholders – not to be an added burden because you just let yourself stand or sit in the corner.

4. A sincere or even/at least a fake smile can make someone’s day brighter. Everyone’s on the run to beat deadlines; the scenario is: you either the one who gives 5 extra more minutes or the one who asks for 5 more minutes. As much as you have to make you mind work, so as your face muscles – just smile, laugh. Crack jokes. To tell you frankly, it eases the busy, pressured environment. And when you have lighter feeling of everyone around, the work just makes easier.

But because of so many tasks at hand, it’s as if I always against the clock. I had rush to many things. However, I feel good at the end of the day. I guess I have developed a new way on how I react to things. And I want this way to be just part of my system – as easy as breathing.

I can’t wait for the weekend to come  – not because I am so darn dry, stressed and depressed, but because I  am excited to reflect again what I have learn and what I still have to learn. I want to make time for myself – exercise, leisurely eating, talk to friends or relatives, read good books and listen to good, jazzy music. I guess my weekend will just be as simple as that.

a bientot!  xxx