How the real world works

by Ella Bernadette

My week started surprising me with a whole bunch of tasks – planned and unplanned. 

The past few days were pretty really challenging. Before I go to bed, I think about what I should do the day after; the same thing goes the moment I wake up. 

However, what were not part of my to-do-list are the people who bomb tasks the last minute.


This is the week where my patience is really tested. I have not been able to feel this kind of pressure since the last three weeks of my university years. I know that when I feel not uncomfortable and (bad)pressured, I think a lot; I am so critical about myself; I complain about the things that I cannot control; and I feel restless. 

But, the good thing is, I was able to observe how I react to these certain kinds of things. Now, I am in a better mood to clearly state what insights I got.

I have collected some quotes, articles to read, and pictures to remember in relation to dealing pressure. 



Articles to Read:

How to handle pressure and stay focused

“Concentrating on past achievements and things you’re particularly good at is much more productive than thinking about the last time you did something wrong”


Are Women Too Emotional at Work?

Is Stress Making You Bitchy?


Now, I am still ready for more positive and amazing things to happen.