Weekly Wrap UP: Prepping for the 1st Quarterly Business Encounter

by Ella Bernadette

Weekly Wrap UP: Prepping for the 1st Quarterly Business Encounter

Honestly, I have been to many events – big or small – but I have never been assigned to supervise or be in charge for a big such as the 1st Quarterly Business Encounter. It is a month-long preparation – supposedly. However, my work does not just stop there. I had other important tasks to do as well – media relations, advocacy, and maybe ‘PA’? (I can just laugh out loud about it).

The event was a success, indeed – as I believe that evaluation came from our boss. However, I don’t believe that it was rightly done just because of me, but my colleagues. I am just very thankful how they were very willing to help me out with everything – from writing communication letters to securing the guest list to picking the menu. During the event, they made me felt that I was not a newbie and they report intently what should be done. When I felt that everything’s going to mess up, they immediately acted and encouraged me not to feel bad. Such a team – and I love them.