by Ella Bernadette

What do you write about turning 20?

Yes. Tomorrow, Everybody can say that I have spent two decades in this terrestrial surface.”

There is something unfathomable about this age – it’s a stage wherein you can neither tell yourself as too young or too old. But I’d rather believe that it is the beginning of a new chapter in my life that I can be more freely express myself, dream more, work harder and live more.

Where do you begin? Investing stocks? Learning to cook? Or just watch movies I have not seen since I was child?

Enough. I believe being young as twenty is an opportunity to invest – in the woman that I have always wanted to be and the life that I have always wanted.

” Still, we live while being young; we live in realities of this world; we live as optimistic as possible; and we live in the life with no regrets, just memories and become the next generations’ point if inspiration. ”

I have collected 20 treasures that I should emulate as I go about chasing and achieving my dreams:

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” ― Diane Von Furstenberg

On Relationships:
Establish good relationships founded in trust, passion, mutual understanding and sense of maturity.

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” ― Diane Von Furstenberg

This is not boring; it’s just I should avoid unwaned emotional stresses as possible.
“You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.” ― Diane Von Furstenberg
On Work:
Just blur the fine, thin line between work and play. Passion and sense of fulfillment are mutually related and significantly vice versa. Passion brings forth sense of fulfillment as much as sense of fulfillment brings in passion. It is a chicken and egg story.

Be serious and enjoy the ride while making it to the top. When I arrive the top, stil, work hard and enjoy the ride. It is just that. It is about making a habit. And i can sart with being a twenty to make good and productive habits.

On food:
Just live to eat. Eat healthy and natural food- nothing junk, nothing trash.

On beauty:
It’s the perfect mixture of appearance, intelligence and good character.

On money:
You no longer ask for it. You work hard for it. Just buy less, choose wisely. Clearly define your needs from wants.

On parents:
If you cannot yet build them a house just at least make yourself out from their concerns. Remain their daughter, but now, more independent and smarter.

On being an elder:
Be considerate and generous enough tou your brother but not to the point of him losing his chance of being independent.

On future:
I deserve only the best.