Before I hit the sack..

by Ella Bernadette

just a quick post before I hit the sack…

Every Sunday evening, I try to prepare myself for the weekdays ahead by making my mental to-do list. And for the past weeks, I have been really good at it. However, at this point, I observe that my mind avoids from doing so. And so I ponder because I know this might mean I do not love my work as much yesterday, or last week. I dear say, MIGHT.

Oh, well, one thing I realize is that I am trying to keep the balance of my time and work– weekdays, I only think about work, I spend all my mental energies for work. And on weekends, I tend to establish a fine line that I should do anything I love (except work) and just relax, so that when I would hug the Monday more when it comes.

Second, i was reminded that one thing that drags my energy down toward work-related matters are the rants or negative mentalities from the people around me. I know monetarily that I am not paid very well. But with the experiences that I get everyday at work and qith the people I work with, I know I can survive even a little longer than I expect myself to be. therefore, any thoughts of dismay, and complaints should be backed off my mind. Don’t let other people feed negativity in your mind. As what Plato adheres, we should always master our thoughts, not the other way around.

So, i am having a wonderful big day tomorrow. Let us get this right by sleeping early, eating rightfully and moving accordingly. Xxxxxx