Best Ways to de-Stress

by Ella Bernadette

I think that you can never be stressed out if you feel you are rewarded enough with whatever work you do. But some people oftentimes feel that they are not compensated in a lot of ways, and that’s why they are claiming they are stressed.

But, come to think about it. Stress is something that we cannot avoid in a lot of circumstances- whether it’s internally or externally-driven. What we should do is to find ways to battle against it, so that we would wake up each morning more than ready to make our day into the limelight.

Here are some of my favorite things to do when I want to relax.

1. Go to the beach and swim. play like a child and breath deeply.

2. Bake,blend,Cook.

3. Exercise. Dance all day long!

4. Read books and blogs

5. Pick up some fresh flowers.

6. Clean the clutter.

7. Disconnect with external noise- shut your phone down.

8. Talk nonsensical or with sense with your loved ones.

9. Play with your niece and nephew.

10. Listen to your favorite musice and watch you favorite sitcom.