Happy Kadayawan

by Ella Bernadette


Happy Kadayawan everyone! As much as I love festivities, happy gatherings, whopping tests of consumerism, I still cannot stand too much the heat of the sun while being sandwich within the crowd. Not only that, commuting could become the hardest and most uncomforatble thing to experience.

So I ponder, why force myself unto something that I will not be enjoying. Why not, just soak under the sun and breathe all the tiresome week out? Some people may call it as a sign of being an introvert, of which i highly disagree, I just know how i want to spend an invigorating holdiay with the family and with myself. Not only will I relax, I could also think and reflect what I had been up to for the past few weeks, and what I want to do next– for me to make sense while living in the present.