Bread and Pastry Unconditional love affair

by Ella Bernadette


The moment I have learnt to care less about eating rice was also the moment I have develop a special love affair with breads and pastries. I could just think of it all day. Sugar rush would mean buying hopia, pie karne, and cinnamon bread. When I am bored, I always think about going to the nearest bakery to buy a piece or two. If I have bread leftovers, I could just sprinkle some cinnamon, milk and sugar, then voila! I have the most aromatic pudding!

But I get a little problem here. I am sensitive to gluten. I getdigestive problems whenever I eat white, sticky, low-fiber bread. Of course I love whole wheat bread. They are different from white bread from a lot of ways, but I still equally love them. It’s like liking two guys and never knowing whom to chose because they are just so irrestible. Hah! This means war, I guess.

Anyways, i have put my thoughts and my heart in here. Now, I can only think of my brother who
equally like bread as me!