be inspired everyday

by Ella Bernadette


Rumbling tasks, running here, running there, meeting after meeting, calling people from all over places — yeah, you get the scenario. At the end of the day, weeks, or months, maybe, it is no surprising why we feel like the world and the whole universe have conspired for us to feel grumpy, tired, bored, uninspired. Maybe for some people it may sound mundane for them and they feel okay about it. But for me it is not. And I do not blame others or the company that I work in for this, because this is something I have to deal with myself, a part of the process of knowing who I am, my strengths, my weaknesses, my preferences and my disinclination. 


While we may be still catching breath after breath doing daily tasks and while we slowly uncover the mystery of some gruesome realities, I realize that amidst of these mood killers, we need to bring back the inspiration within. And I say, this process does not come naturally. It takes an effort – a really big effort. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s easy. But the most important thing is, we never stop. We should sharpen our senses because it does not pick time or place for it to come out. It may even just lurking nearby.