Hashtag TGIF

by Ella Bernadette


I hate Fridays – said no one ever.

1. It officially separates us from Monday to Friday commitments, responsibilities and obligations. (yeah, I am good at putting many synonymous words in one sentence)

2. It welcomes us t a new opportunity, or opportunities. Opportunities t do what we want to do; a chance to be whoever we want to be; a chance to just revel the moments as life beautifully unfolds

3. It allows us to swallow the night – partying, movie marathon, get wasted. Who cares? We don’t to wake up early.

4. It keep us from mundane tasks. We may be doing the same habits on from Mondays to Sundays, but on weekends, our routines will be different.

5. Shorter working hours. – Sheena Weill

6. because it’s weekend tomorrow. – Christine Bayang

7.”It’s the most wonderful time of the … week. ” (in the tune of Andy Williams’) – JuneBelle Micolob