No Options, Too Many Options :-/

by Ella Bernadette

barbarapalvinfeminine1We make decisions – constantly. Whether we are aware or not, there is always a result on every move we take out of every decision we make. The result can give the feeling like you’ve answered a million dollar question. But sometimes, this can be brutal. When we are sure of we’ve made the right one, life unfolds itself as if we still want for more. It’s addicting. Maybe because we always feel the need to be better or to have better. But sometimes, when we are stuck in a feeling that we have made the wrong one, it seems that everything just turned to gray. It’s a feeling of regrets and should’vs.

Now, I understand why I feel more cautious than ever. I have been to that place. I have been to that feeling.

There’s nothing wrong about being more cautious. But it has a bewildering effect on me. Fear grows as I become more conscious about the possible consequences. I tend to mistakenly label the so-called, Life.

I am young and I have never been more ambitious than ever. This is one of the things that I or 20 somethings people who feel the same, should deal with. Fear is never an option. So does regret. Either way, we make small and big decisions everyday. And whatever our answers, the least that we can do is to research for better calculations.

Only we, ourselves, can be held responsible for this. Only assume responsibility according to what we can handle.