Beyond classroom walls

by Ella Bernadette


Never throw out or box in old books and notebooks. I never thought that I would find more pleasure in reading again my books or notes back in the university. Not only do I remember how my professors way of explaining them to the class, but also I remember how quite I understand some of those information. It is nostalgic. There are some information that I did not quite understand back then, but now, I can easily figure out what it is. There are also some that until now, I don’t have any clue at all. But it is pretty amusing that the only difference is that, while in the university, it is about learning with pressure and worrying what might the professors include in the examination; while today, I am studying because I am just plainly curious, and I ant to know it, and see how it affects my future actions. And I think the latter is the best type of learning. Now, I can’t stand not being busy. I like doing something because I learn and it’s fun. Of course, it is fun because I can choose what I want to study. There is no structure. It is not time-bounded.

I do not mean that going to to school is useless and caging. It is just that I regret that there were times that I did not view learning as fun and sustainable. Knowledge and wisdom is are disguise from everything and everyone. Consciousness is really important. And also, it does not hurt to have fun too!