Notes form Lifehack: Avoid Analysis Paralysis

by Ella Bernadette

Analysis Paralysis occurs when we cannot stop obsessing an issue or we cannot make a decision because we feel that there is some information we do not have yet, and it prevents us from accomplishing anything.

We are trapped sometimes in this situation consciously or unconsciously. This is why it is important to avoid all the notions that leads to analysis paralysis, especially in our career.

Here are some notes from an article in Lifehack: 10 Career Beliefs You may have that Could Waste Your Life

  1. Continually gain new skill sets – options increase as skill sets increase. ‘Move forward, always learn, work in some capacity’.
  2. Do not put off less enjoyable tasks that are part of the job.
  3. Don’t be deterred by the notion that just because you have a degree in something, you can’t do anything else. Of course you can do many things!
  4. Maximize all the available resources to learn. Sure, getting MBA in a university sounds good, but never underestimate the advantage we can get by studying online, asking information from friends, mentor, or from books on sale!
  5. Don’t shun in the possibility that you cannot have the job the you like depending on your preferences and circumstances. In fact, you can create the job that you want. Society’s demands are increasing so as the possibilities of the chances we can supply these demands according to our skill sets available. A careful reflection on our expertise and the opportunities available (or just make a SWOT analysis to make it well-rounded) is necessary.
  6. Do not just work for a paycheck. Find your purpose.