On Commitment

by Ella Bernadette

Somebody just asked me about my view on the word, commitment. Of course I told him it’s a big , big, heavy word. It is a heavy word because for me I always value the trust that is given to me and I know I should deliver.

Commitment encompasses different aspects of our life – may it be in our relationships or professional life or etc.

For relationships maybe, commitment is something that is implied already and sometimes other people have a bad connotation over it. That is why this word need not to be said. It’s like hearing the word, then a big bang knocks them out to death. It’s not fun and it may scare people off. But if a person is open-minded enough to talk about, then grab the chance.

But for career, I really like the word. It is a mantra to get out of the bed and do your work with passion.

Nevertheless, whether personally or professionally, they both connote that, once we’ve said yes or committed onto something, no matter what the situation we may have, it is our responsibility to do and deliver what is expected from us.

Now, I understand why people need to be cautious in making commitments. And I also understand why a person is too quick or too late to commit. If a person is too cautious, I mean, ‘too’, I think he is not really ready to take risks. For lack of a better word, he is coward. But if a person is too quick in committing on something or someone, he is ‘careless’. However, this is not a dead end road for people who are too scared or too confident. If we help them understand and take out the “too”, I think we can enable them to realize and be ready.

So, in making decisions and commitment, we do it because we have understand the implications after we say yes.( And even though sometimes, we feel scared “enough”, we still do it because we know there is greater prize after we take this risk. ) SO, it is important to examine,examine examine, “too afraid” or “too confident” is really a -no-no. It ‘s about calculated risks after all.