Notes from Hong Kong

by Ella Bernadette


Got a glimpse of Hong Kong before I went back to Tangshan. 

1. Every corner and every street opens you to a different culture, attitude, personality, difference feel and of course, different experience. 

2. Everything is fast-paced. While I was strolling the streets of Kowloon and Hong Kong Central, I felt like I was just floating and every matter that I sense was moving like atomic particles bouncing back and forth and everywhere and I cannot figure out any point of reference, because it is so fast. 

3. It’s funny how where your intuition leads you to meet amazing people from different walks of life and experience amusing experience. No itineraries, no plans.. Not time-bounded.

4. You can find one of the best steaks at Morton’s  at Sheraton hotel. I like mine medium-rare. 😉 

5. I wish my morning is always like a runway walk at the Canton road – Carrie Bradshaw-like strut. Haha  

6. I was delighted to have a friend who let me try a good sashimi from iSquare and chicken meal with pepper sauce from Ka Ka Lok. Ka Ka Lok has been there for 30 years now, and even if avid customers have the fast food type meals to go, some would also like to enjoy their signature dishes. 

7. Dusk at Victoria Harbour. I kept myself away from the crowd who couldn’t get enough of Bruce Lee statue and his pals at the Avenue of the Stars. I found a little spot near where the Aqua Luna is usually docked. I was really tired from walking around, my shoulders hurt from my backpack straps, and I just wanted to stretch my body out. But when I finally settled down, I felt so relax while watching the horizon, saying to me that “the day is passing by, and tomorrow is another day full of wonders., and why not enjoy what we have for tonight ?” 

8. Fleeting moment at the time ball tower at 1881 Heritage. I can’t forget how being alone in just for a minute or two made me feel “kilig”. As music fills the cold air, the Victorian building just lit up, the trees were crowded with lights also, like fireflies assembling taking their places, I just moved my body to turn around and I began to take a step, one after the other, keeping up with the rhythm of the song… And in that one single, fleeting moment, it felt surreal, i felt I could care less about the world., I felt being with somebody, myself.