by Ella Bernadette

Ei, March! As someone who does not really fond of looking at calendars or counting days, I am quite surprised how the days pass by. But so far, I am delighted with amusing experiences I am having with the people I enjoy spending time with – my family, old friends, and some unexpected new acquaintances. And why not make this month a lot better? 

So far, I just want this month to put focus on the languages I am currently learning. But too many (Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, and even English) Haha. I know even one language takes a lot of time and dedication , but I cannot just put off at least one of them. Psst, this is only applicable to languages, ok? Nothing else. 😉 

So, though maybe my progress in each of them will be a little slow., but at least I want to try to pick up new words and phrases as day goes by. So, March, let’s do this!